Thursday, May 8, 2014

In the Garden

I've been trying to get as much work done in the garden as possible before my surgery (Gallbladder issues), because I know I won't be 100% for at least a few weeks. Unfortunately that comes right around planting time in Ontario. I've built two raised beds long one of our fence lines to make more room to grow veggies, and get rid of some of the most annoying to mow un-even lawn parts of our backyard.

The raised beds are 4' by 6', and 12 inches deep. I built them during whatever baby breaks I could get over a three week period, and then did the final work this past weekend (with some help from family members with transporting drainage rocks, soil, and fertilizer). I cannot wait to get some veggies into them!

The seedlings are doing well. I had to transfer several to pots because the roots were growing out of the peat pellets and sticking together. I'm not sure they'll all make it (a few have died already), but hopefully I will have enough to avoid having to buy any plants from the garden centre. I am learning so much about seed starting this year! I had done it once before, but not seriously. I'd like to get the peas into the garden over the next couple of days.

In the mean time, there are some pretties growing (hyacinths, crocuses, daffodils, tulips, and very soon my Lily of the Valley will be out), and just a few edibles like rhubarb and chives.

I cannot wait for it to warm up enough to get much more growing outside!

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