Friday, April 20, 2012

Adventures in Shoe Dyeing

A while ago I ordered what were supposed to be adorable pink shoes to wear on my wedding day. About a week later, these arrived in my mailbox..

More orangey-peach and not at all the sweet pink colour advertised. After several rather frustrating exchanges with the company I ordered them from I decided to try dyeing them. I had nothing to lose, except $7 plus a few bucks shipping.

The dye is meant for leather, fake-leather, and canvas, but after e-mailing the company, I was assured it should work on vinyl too. It didn't. Well, it painted the shoes, but it easyily comes off. I'm hoping it'll last a few hours if I try really hard not to rub them on anything.

After 2 coats and spilling 3/4 of the bottle. Oops.

Not exactly the colour I was hoping for - they were supposed to be ballet slipper pink - but much better than before!

After 5 coats. You can see where I rubbed off a bunch of the paint on the left. I still have to fix that, but I guess they were a kind of success? It was an interesting experiment anyway.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Growing and Changing

It's interesting sometimes how things grow and change over time. A few years back I found myself over loaded with handmade bags. I had so much fun sewing them up, but I had more than I could ever use, so I decided to open up an Etsy shop. At some point, some items from my many vintage collections made their way into the shop - there's only so much room in one house for all these vintage lovelies. Lately I've found myself drooling over gorgeous vintage dresses and clothing. I just love the shapes and patterns. I love playing dress up and taking photos, and rescuing the dresses that just need a seam fixed, a hem raised, or a new set of buttons..but how many vintage dresses can one gal really have? Naturally this brought about another change - and a little make-over for the shop, including a new name.

- Lolie Jane Vintage -

I'm not sure where this will go, but I am very excited.

My gorgeous friend Janet stepped up as a model and we had so much fun dressing up and taking photos of the first batch of (mostly) dresses that will make their way into my shop later in the week. Here's a sneak peek of some pretties you will find..

This blog will still serve as a place for my musings, but a shop update or two may make their way in as I find myself in this new venture. The rest of the week - aside from 'real' jobs, doggie haircuts, and menu tastings - will be spent cataloguing, photographing, measuring, and listing. Stay tuned for more..