Thursday, August 29, 2013

One Month

My baby bird turns one month old tomorrow, and what a month it has been. We have had some challenges, like trying figuring out that nursing thing, as well as trying to juggle everything else with a new baby. Jer and I tend to be home bodies, so naturally we fell into a rythym that didn't involve much going out. Packing feeding accessories like tube feeders and breast pumps put a damper on things. If you've ever watched Full House, there is an episode where Uncle Jesse and Rebecca are taking the twins out for the first time and they end up packing pretty much every baby item they own? Yeah, that's how I felt. 

Home is nice and it's convenient, but I missed going out. I missed our weekly family "adventures". I missed the vintage markets and shows with Lucy, not to mention those thrifting/antiquing/scouting trips. I missed picnics and photo walks with Janet. On Saturday we realized we were out of hay for the chinchillas, and instead of sending Jer alone I decided that Josh and I would go too, and then we'd drive somewhere. Anywhere. Even if we didn't stop somewhere, we'd ride in the car and listen to music for a while. It was perfect.

We did end up stopping. As we were driving, Jer spotted a small lake with a beach front.

There were warnings for high bacteria levels, random sink holes, and sharp objects, but people didn't seem to care. It was busier that we like, but we walked along the tiny shore and along a couple small paths and soaked up the beautiful views in what was approaching the golden hour.

Josh was perfectly happy hanging out in the sling.

Maybe when he's older he'll enjoy these days as much as we enjoy them now, and I really did. I worried going out with the baby would be stressful. There would be too much we had to bring, he may get upset, doing anything would take longer and involve lugging carseats..home was just so much easier, at least until he is a little older. It turns out I didn't worry about any of those things. It felt nice to get out, and I felt refreshed upon returning home. I want Josh to have many different experiences and this is one way we can share them.

With my favourite time of year approaching, I cannot wait to do it again and again. There will be movie nights spent on the couch, oh yes, but there will be lots more outtings too.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Baby Bird


Joshua Nolan was born on July 30th, 2013. We are so happy.