Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Swing Swing Smock

A while back I had a request from my mom's co-worker for a sweet little apron for her two year old granddaughter. This little girl loves collecting nature treasures out on walks, so grandma thought a nice apron with some big pockets in front for carrying those treasures would be the perfect birthday gift. The big pockets and a velcro closure were the only specifics, otherwise I had free reign.

Instead of a traditional apron, I decided to go with the Swing Swing Smock pattern from Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing. This way it's more like a dress that she can slip over her clothes. After seeing this fabric - Erin McMoris, Wildwood Forest - in a flickr friend's photostream, I knew it was the perfect choice for a little girl who likes pink and flowers. Okay, so they're actually trees and not flowers, but how cute is this fabric? I absolutely hate working with bias tape, but I'm glad I found it in the same colour as the trunks on the trees. I lined the smock in the same fabric in an alternate colourway so it's reversible.

This pattern was really easy to work with and it was a fairly quick sew. The longest part was basting the bias trim. I guess you could pin it, but basting it will hold everything together much better. I made a few adjustments, like the big pocket in front (sewn down the middle to make two), and the velcro closure. The ties in the original pattern are much sweeter, and make the smock flare out nicely, but the velcro means the little one can slip the smock on and off easier. The last touch was this little vintage flower button, sewn on tight and secure.

I hope this special little girl enjoys collecting treasures in her new Swing Swing Smock! I had a wonderful time sewing it for her.