Saturday, May 10, 2014

I Am Pretty Bad at Keeping Up

I really meant to post a photo each week for the 52 weeks project. I have been taking them, but they don't seem to be making their way over here. Here are my photos for the past few weeks..

16/52 - a baby selfie. They do learn this technology thing quite quickly.

17/52 - Easter Sunday fell on a Leslieville Flea day (unsurprisingly, not a great market day), and the baby Bird is so young that we really didn't do much aside from take a picture with a bunny on his head. My uncle had us over after the Flea for a delicious meal.

18/52 - enjoying music group with friends.

19/52 - Enjoying a toy I played with as a baby. I am spreading the vintage Fisher-Price love early!

20/52 - I love those little knuckle dimples!