Friday, December 31, 2010

A Little Crafting and A Lot of Pyrex.

I have been hoping to get some crafting done on my break, inbetween homework breaks of course. When I saw these ornaments by The Sometimes Crafter, I knew they'd be on my list. Mine didn't turn out as pretty as hers, but it was a good first try with teeny tiny patchwork squares.

Unfortunately I did not leave enough room around the edges to finish it properly, but I think I'll just zig-zag stitch around to finish it off. My next try will hopefully be a little nicer!
Earlier that same day, my mom and I decided to pay a visit to some of our favourite Antique Markets. I haven't been since the summer months, so there was so much to take in. Aisles and aisles of Pyrex, oh my!

I did come away with some goodies, though I left wishing they would split up that black/white Gooseberry cinderella bowl set. I'm missing the #441.

Some new dots, golden tulip, friendship, mod kitchen, and golden poinsettias, and a fun day to top it off!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Crafting..

But just a little.
I had plans for many beautiful homemade for Christmas projects this year. It seems I always do. December rolled around and I was so busy with life that I barely had time to breathe let alone craft. Usually my Christmas making/shopping is finished by December 1st, but this year I didn't get started until two weeks after then. I had decided that when my break from school came I would spend a few days relaxing and crafting some of those many Christmas Projects. Maybe even that Ice Skating Afternoon Alicia Paulson kit I've had sitting in my stash for the past two years. Unfortunately the flu knocked me out and those plans were put on hold yet again. It's now the day before Christmas Eve, and I've finally managed to bust out two very simple, but much needed, craft projects.

The first is a little stocking for my dear sweet girls. Pets need stockings too! I had planned on a matching pair for Lola and Charlie and two smaller ones for Rory and Lenore, but one was all I could manage this year. It hangs funny (I'm thinking I should go back and shorten that toe!) and it's a bit lumpy, but I really kind of love it. And that mouse popping up over the cute is that? That little mouse is Charlie's Christmas present this year.

The fleece is from an old sweater I loved dearly for many years but had to let go of after it was singed in an unfortunate dryer incident. I kept it around for the perfect crafting opportunity, which I try not to do too often. I love the ice blue colour. I appliqued a sweet little snow girl cut out from some Christmas fabric (Colorful Christmas by My Mind's Eye for Riley Blake Designs) I bought earlier in the Fall, embroidered some snowflakes with silver thread, and added my favourite pom-pom trim. That stuff makes everything so much better!

The other project was this little thread spool wreath. I saw a mini-version in Michael's a while back, but for $8 I thought reaching into that bag of wooden spools I bought at an antique fair a while back would be the more sensible thing to do. I used some fabric scraps in red and green to wrap around them, and didn't worry about finishing the edges. I added some beads from my stash so the spools wouldn't sit funny against each other. Tiny red rick-rack for hanging, and it was done!

There is one more project I'm hoping to squeeze in before Christmas is through. This one involves a trip to the craft store for some red felt, so it may not happen this year.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

An Update That is Long Overdue.

I seem to come in and out of using this blog on a regular basis and I am always trying to change that. I think for now I'm not going to make any promises and will post whenever the opportunity arises.

A new (temporary) home

This past Fall saw a lot of changes. I experienced the passing of my dear 19 year old cat just days before moving to Peterborough to attend the Faculty of Education at Trent University. There was the business of classes and school work during the week, and trips to Toronto on weekends to spend time with my fiance, family, and of course more school work. There was my first 'real' photography gig. There have been new friendships, and new experiences, joys, and challenges with field placements. There were forever homes for the foster cats, including one right here. There has been a little time for new thrift haunts and Pyrex spotting.

some thrift finds
Charlie, our new family member

There has been no less than three car accidents, more than one hospital visit, and some family drama. There was anticipation and excitement with a new pregnancy, and devastation when it came to an end nine weeks later. This Fall was something. As the season changes to Winter I am hopeful for new experiences, and maybe a little less grief. There will also be a knit-a-thon coming up that I am excited to share in this space.

Living by the lake has been nice..

but maybe not so much in the winter.

Right now I am in Toronto for a three week break. I'm not enjoying it yet because I am in bed with the flu. Once I'm feeling better I am hoping to relax and enjoy some 'me' time before getting started on that pile of school work that is waiting for me.