Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Re-Learning How to Knit

I first learned to knit several years back, mostly from youtube videos. I started with a simple ribbed scarf, which became the "year long scarf" because it took me such a long time to finish. I was worried about knitting too loosely so instead I knit so tight that it took a lot of work to fit the needle into each loop.

With my next projects I learned that it was okay to knit more loosely and that wouldn't mean there would be holes all over my work.

Something was looking a little off though. My work wasn't sitting flat and I couldn't figure out why. I asked some more experienced knitters and their only explanation was that I was knitting "backwards". I was really disappointed when I knit up my Tea Leaves and the sleeves looked very strange. I am trying to will myself to pull out all those stitches and start again!

I kept on knitting and it wasn't until a few weeks ago that I stumbled upon a comment left on someone's blog. The same thing was happening with her knitting. It turned out we were twisting our stitches. I was knitting through the loop properly (they can become twisted if you knit into the back instead), but I was wrapping my yarn the wrong way. Yes, it really does make a difference! I finished up the project I was working on, and then tried wrapping the other way. What a change!

Do you see how the stitches lay much more flat in the bottom picture? No more funny lines between rows.

I'm so grateful for stumbling on that comment since it has made such a difference. Now I have really learned how to knit! I guess there is always something new to learn.

Speaking of knitting, check out this adorable Owlie set that my mom made for Birdie..

There is a lot of knitting going on in these parts!


Anonymous said...

so what exactly did you change in your knitting? Do you have the link? Love your site :)

Nikki said...
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Nikki said...
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Nikki said...

Thank you!

What I changed was the direction I wrapped the yarn around the needle after going through the back of the loop. I had been wrapping counterclockwise and now I wrap clockwise. Counterclockwise made my stitches twist while clockwise makes them lay flat.

Thispost on the blog Beauty That Moves is where I found out about it. I can't seem to find the comment from the reader that explained it to her, sorry!