Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thrifting with LuluBelle

Lucy is so much fun to shop with! We try to schedule a thrifting date every week or two and hit up a few different shops each time. We have done a few big trips, hitting up 10 shops in just one day! We pack snacks and water, put all our stops on the GPS, and enjoy each other's company along the way.

I love exploring the aisles and searching for treasures with a friend. Even when we don't come away with much, or anything at all, we still manage to have a good time.


We're always on the lookout for something specific, but we tend to look at everything and take our time. Right now I have a few pieces of furniture on my "to find" list, and I've been stocking up on baby clothes for Birdie. Lucy has been on the hunt for skirts and high waisted shorts. Check out that awesome pink pair! We're both always looking for Pyrex, of course.

But you never know just what you will find that day.

And that's part of the fun.

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