Thursday, March 21, 2013

Works in Progress

I began this blue tulip tree crewel work months and months ago, but am just now getting to the finish line. Unfortunately I've ran out of some of the yarn and as it's a vintage kit it's not possible to just order more from the company. Thankfully, a company called Appleton makes crewel yarn in about 450 shades and I am hoping to find a match.

I've also been working on knitting up this sleep sack. I haven't taken a more recent picture, but I've got about three inches left to go. I learned through a helpful hint left on another's blog that I am twisting my stitches, and that's why they look the way they do instead of laying flat! I knit through the loop in the proper way, but all this time I've been wrapping my yarn clockwise when I should have been doing the opposite. I am so excited to begin my next project, wrapping my yarn the proper way. Here's what I have in my queue..

Gift Wrap Romper
Baby Sophisticate
Latte Baby Coat
Save the Baby Whales!
Bellyphant Baby Cardigan
and I haven't yet decided on a booties or longies/shorties pattern, but I'm loving these little loafers.

There is no way I'm going to get all of that finished, especially since I have a few sewing projects I'd like to finish too, like the Big Butt Baby Pants by made by Rae. There are too many wonderful things to make out there!

We aren't expecting Birdie for another 20 weeks or so, so at least I have a little bit of time to make a dent in my list. Speaking of Birdie..we are expecting a little boy!

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