Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Keeping Warm with Lolie Jane

As we enter October, days are really starting to get colder. Each day I've been pulling out more and more sweaters, warm socks, and knitted goodness that I put away last Spring. Lolie Jane Vintage is following suit. Soon the shop will be stocked with sweaters and coats and all sorts of things to keep everyone from small to tall warm these Fall and Winter months. Here is a little peek..

1970s Knit Poncho
Nautical Corduroy Coat with Anchor Buttons
Sweet Pink Rosebud Coat
Train cardigan
Handknit Snowbunny Sweater
Handknit Elephant Sweater
Handknit Bear Suit
Knit Farm Cardigan
Happy Sailboat Sweatshirt
Pom-pom Sweater Coat
Super Warm Curling Sweater
Men's 1970s Wool Cardigan
Mod Sweater Dress
Vintage London Fog Coat
And possibly the cutest coat ever!

Yes, there is much work going on in the shop these days. I can't wait to get all these goodies up!

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