Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hunkering Down

As the days get shorter and the winds blow cooler, we've been preparing for winter. Admittedly for us, that doesn't really mean much. We do a deep clean, air things out on the clothes line, wash all our winter woolens, and put the garden to rest. We harvested the last of the grape tomatoes, enjoyed the last blooms, and cleaned it all up. All that's left is to cover the rosebush to protect it for the winter. We have been enjoying many Fall festivities and favourites. A couple weeks ago we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving.

Along with cleaning, we are finishing those last minute outdoor projects. Today I gave the chinchilla cage a good scrubbing and hose down, and later this week they will get all new wooden shelves and hidey huts. This evening I spent time sanding and spray painting garden chairs (although this feels more like a Spring project, I wanted to get that fresh coat on them before the cold sets in).

More fall-ish projects have made their way back out. I don't enjoy knitting in hot weather because it just makes me feel, The cooler weather setting back in has had me pulling my needles out again to finish up a pair of mittens I started two years ago. I already have a list of projects I'd like to cast on. The next being this lovely hat.

There have been lots of Fall activities and visits to Bazaars on Saturday mornings (I can't wait to share more about these). A very favourite evening activity of course is cuddling up with Jer with mugs of hot chocolate and a movie. Last night we watched this..

..which we really enjoyed.

I really love this time of year and am soaking up as much of it as I can before the snow starts to fall.

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Pretty. Special. said...

I really loved Moonrise Kingdom. It was filmed in my home state of Rhode Island, and it was amazing to recognize almost all of the locations. It made me so homesick and proud of my little state.