Friday, September 28, 2012

Life is Beautiful

Okay, really, a lot of the time it's not so beautiful. Things are hard and stressful and not so pretty. With our infertility situation I often get caught up in an "it's not fair" cycle. So when we go on our weekly "adventure" drive/hike outside of the city, I am at the point where I desperately need the reminder that hey, life is good and things aren't so bad.

This past Sunday we drove north (like we usually do) and found some interesting roads to drive down. It went from sunny to pouring to sunny again in just a few minutes, and then we came across the most beautiful double rainbow I've ever seen. It was huge and just incredible. At least five other people stopped their cars to get a photo of this.

More than just the rainbow, it was nice to the leaves changing.

We found a trail beside a river and walked along it for a while, taking in all the fall sights and smells.

On the way home we drove past fields of horses eating clover and had to stop to watch this one for a while. She was just beautiful.

I cannot wait to do this again this weekend for another reminder that things are good and we are so lucky.