Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekly Favourites..

1. lovely finel heart pitcher

2. discovering a treasure of a children's author. reminds me of Sybille van Olfers or Gerda Muller.

3. beautiful catherineholm

4. pretty vintage wallpaper collage.

5. coolest rainbow dresser

6. prettiest vintage dresses

7. this bike

8. or this one

9. bike rides, of course

10. and good friends, because there is nothing better.

sources: 1.rabbit and rally; 2. dr carrot; 3. compost this; 4. Sanna & Sania; 5. la silla turquesa; 6. free people; 7. Bobbin Birdie; 8. bike depot; 9. superheidi; 10. misfits vintage


famousthecat said...

Those bicycling chicks are the coolest. I want to be them.

And I love you! Good friends are so needed in this world. So glad you're one of them!

Nikki said...

I can picture you, Carrie, and I recreating that bicycling chick photo. We are just as cool, right?

I'm so glad you're one of them too!