Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pyrex Pretties

No, this isn't a post about aquiring more of the good stuff. It's actually the opposite! For a while now a few of the Toronto area collectors have been organizing swap meets so we could get together, trade a few pieces, and just chat. It turns out we all have a lot in common aside from liking pretty vintage dishes. We quickly came to the realization that we were all trying to downsize, and swapping really wasn't the best way to do that. We talked plans of renting a booth at one of the local antique markets, and it's about to happen in just a couple short weeks!

We've had some trouble getting in touch with some of the busier markets, we're all new to this you see. Well new to selling, not to visiting of course. We should have the final details ready by tonight and a few ads up to hopefully draw in a bit of a crowd. Even if we  sell much, it'll be a day filled with fun and friends. I cannot wait! I'm looking forward to a smaller collection, and less to pack up when Jer and I move into our new place.

Okay, I did say this wasn't a post about aquiring, but you know me. I came across this beauty yesterday..


famousthecat said...

Okay, soooo... how much for the gorgeous little square bowls/mini-casserole things? You know, the lovely rainbow ones? Because I LOVE them. :)

And what a great idea!

webmailaddress2 said...

I wish I lived in Toronto so I could visit the sale!

Jenn said...

i cant wait to hear where you guys are setting up, i hope i can stop by!
ps your new banner looks awesome!

Nikki said...

Christie - already have a set going for you :)

webmail - I wish you did too!

Jenn - Our booth is S1. I'm not sure if there is a map, but hopefully it will be easy to find! Thanks for the banner comment :)

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