Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Fun

If you know me well, at some point you've probably heard of my love of antique lawn furniture - the kind of my grandmother had. Sadly, we got rid of hers when we sold her house after she passed away. There was so much I wish we had kept, but of course there wasn't room for everything, and we did keep the most important things. I've been looking for a set of the lawn chairs, or even just one like the grey one that stood on her porch, and today my search came to an end when a kind kijiji browser e-mailed me a link to an ad that had just been posted. I asked my mom if she was up for an adventure (I love taking her along on these kind of trips), and a phone call and an hour later we were loading up the car!

Not only were there two of the chairs just like my grandmother had (these need to be re-painted), but there was a vintage Restoration Hardware glider. I love it!

The man who was selling them explained that they were used at his family cottage for years and years. When they sold the cottage he brought them home thinking he would eventually restore them, but never had. I love pieces with a history. I can picture these chairs sitting out on the lawn or the porch, their occupants staring out at a lake, enjoying their time away from the city. He was surprised when he received two other phone calls for the chairs in the time it took us to get there. Thankfully he was willing to hold onto them for me for a couple hours.

On our way back, my mom suggested checking out a Value Village I haven't been to since my Humber College days (I'm having a little trouble believing that was 8 years ago now) . Who can say no to that?

I had forgotten how absolutely huge this location was. It was brimming with incredible finds! There was even Pyrex, which has been pretty dry lately (none came home with us though). I found some delicious vintage sheets, vintage dresses, two antique hand-sewn quilts (lap or baby sized), a handful of doilies, a macrame owl, a heavy duty vintage pencil sharpener, and some little wooden cars. My mom came away with some lovely wine glasses to match some she already had, and some supplies for her classroom - math manipulatives and a Jenga game.

A few of these are from previous trips. The top left skirt/vest combo is my absolute favourite, although the yellow coat is a close second. Some will be making their way into the shop in the near future.

After returning home and setting up the chairs in the backyard (with plans to sand and paint over the next few days), I couldn't help checking the garden. Our tomato plants have been producing like crazy, and there were even a few berries in the bushes.

If you're in the Toronto area this coming Sunday (August 19th), myself and a few other Pyrex collectors will be at the Rosedale Valley Antique Market at the Evergreen Brickworks, selling off some of our collections. There will be over 150 pieces of Pyrex and some other vintage goodies at great prices (we're really just looking to get back what we paid plus cover the cost of renting the booth). The Market will be open from 9am until 5pm and is located at 550 Bayview Avenue (map). Hope to see you there!

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famousthecat said...

Ooo, I saw your photo of those chairs and SQUEED for you! Hearing the story behind them is even better. Good find!