Monday, August 20, 2012

Antique Market

Yesterday morning started bright and early. We made our way down to the Rosedale Valley Antique Market to set up for our epic Pyrex Sale. I met up with the other ladies organizing the event, and got to work straight away!

While we were there, I took some time to walk around the Evergreen Brickworks, which gave me a chance to explore a beautiful space in our city. Sometimes, especially when Jer and I are aching to find that place somewhere further away, I forget that there really are some incredible places here.

The sale itself went great. The space was amazing, it's just too bad it isn't promoted better. It could be an incredible site for a market. We sold a lot and were able to tone down our collections quite a bit. The busiest time was right at the beginning. We had several buyers show up before 9 am (opening time) and snatch up the best pieces right away. All the Butterprint and Pink Gooseberry were gone within half an hour.

It was interesting to see what sold and what didn't. We had a mint condition Friendship casserole with Opaque lid that lasted most of the day. We also had a promotional Hex Signs casserole that didn't sell at all - Lucy snatched that one up. Of course there were a few buyers who were bitter when they showed up at 2pm and all the Butterprint was gone, but you can't please everyone! We're already making plans to do this again. Thanks ladies for the wonderful day!


LuluBelleVintage said...

Thanks for the hex signs! I owe you big time!

Nikki said...

You called it, lady! Plus, you'll give it a good home :)

Thrifting trip soon, yes?