Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Date Night

A sort of interesting fact about Jer and I is that we've never been on a real date. We were good friends for many years before we began our relationship, so we never went through that dating stage. We've gone out and done many things that are "date like", but never an official, planned out date. I think both of us prefer a quiet night in to anything else. My cousin even included that fact in her wedding speech for us, recommending we start a weekly date night tradition immediately. We didn't.

On the weekend we made our way to Jer's favourite batting cages. We had been meaning to go all summer, but it just never happened. Going right before a day of heavy lifting (all those boxes of Pyrex!) probably wasn't the best idea, but it was a lot of fun. I'm definitely hitting that ball further. Afterwards, we decided to drive down to a restaurant Jer has been wanting to try out - that counts as a date, right? We drove through a small town, stopping at the thrift shop to browse, and then down some side roads to explore.


With windows down, the fresh air pouring through, we drove along winding roads covered by a canopy of trees. I love going for drives in places like this. I fell in love with the area. Quiet, green, and beautiful. There were weeping willows on the front lawns of all the little red brick homes. I know we were both trying to figure out if the commute was doable.

I don't know if this counted as a real date, but it was better than any could be. We have plans to do it again next week, but somewhere else. Maybe I'll even be able to get Jer to fix his bike so we can go riding together.


Anonymous said...

Personally I think anything where you both spend time alone together talking and just being together is a date. :)

Nikki said...

I like your way of thinking!

famousthecat said...

Beautiful. And I certainly think that counts as a date!

And and... I totally think you guys should live out there. :)