Saturday, September 1, 2012

At the Thrifts


Meet Diane..
She's the newest member of our little family. Her name comes from her brand, Diana. I already have a Diana in my life, so Diane it is. She was a lucky thrift store find from earlier this week. I had been searching Craigslist and Kijiji for a dress form as I was having trouble finding models for my vintage dresses, and displaying on hangers just isn't the same. I couldn't find exactly what I wanted in a price range I was comfortable with, so I held off and it's good I did. She didn't have a stand, so I set her on an old ash tray table that belonged to my grandmother. It's too short, but it does the job. She's currently standing in our dining room, wearing that shiny turquoise dress from the first photo.
A dress form makes such a difference..

You can see more of her work in my shop. Now I just need a solution for dresses smaller than an 8.

There have been lots of dresses, linens, and vintage goodies, meaning lots of mending, button sewing, and touch-ups for me. There have been a couple huge shop updates, along with some collaboration work with a friend on a new look. Hopefully I'll be able to share that soon.

There have been lots of great finds lately. I'm so glad since Fall and the start of the school year will mean a lot less trips, and a lot less time spent with my favourite thrifting partner - my mom. She picked out my first piece of thrifted Pyrex in a long while, a red Hostess dish. It's in perfect shape aside from a couple chips in the paint, which I rarely see with those red pieces. Speaking of Pyrex, I have discovered the wonders of Bar Keeper's Friend, but that is a topic for another post!

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