Sunday, July 8, 2012


I had a hankering for some stitching last night..

I wanted to make something Pyrex related, and can you believe there isn't a single Pyrex cross stitchpattern available? I found all sorts of Catherineholm and some vintage kitchenwares, but no Pyrex. Well, that had to be fixed. I spent a little time with some grid paper and coloured pencils and drafted up a pattern of my own.

I'm planning to post a pattern with any corrections/notes I figure out along the way so anyone who wants to can make their own version. Maybe some more experienced stitchers can even add some shading in there.

Aside from stitching, I've been playing in the kitchen a lot lately..

Another batch of jam! This time blueberry.

And a couple batches of banana bread...

With the rain storm we had last night, the garden has been growing like crazy. I think the grape tomatoes grew a foot overnight. I cannot wait to add these beauties to recipes!

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