Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Quick Thrifting Trip

My mom and I made our way back to that antique shop that was closed on Monday. Unfortunately it wasn't nearly as good as we had hoped. It had been advertised as a spacious two story shop, but it was really a tiny space at the front of the building - about the size of an antique mall booth. The prices were pretty good, but there really wasn't a lot to look at. The one item I was interested in (an old wooden crate, the perfect size for records) wasn't priced and the sales clerk had no way of solving that, so we walked away empty handed. No pictures allowed inside, so I snapped a couple of the cute little display outside.

Afterwards we dropped in on a huge thrift shop a few blocks down. It was full of a lot of really neat finds. The prices were more along the lines of an antique market (old quilts going for $100+ and woven rugs for $40, and a Pyrex Forest Fancies Cinderella Bowl set for $40), and a lot of really great items were for display only (like an incredible vintage plaid suitcase in perfect condition), so we passed up a lot. Again, no pictures allowed inside.

Even though we didn't come away with much, it was still worth the trip - we both love exploring new antique shops/malls, and the views in the older parts of Stouffville are beautiful. Passing the llama farm along the way still makes me a little giddy too!

Here's what we did get - my mom found a couple crystal glasses to replace some that have broken over the years (not pictured), and I picked up an antique mason jar filled with an interesting mix of buttons, some doilies for craft projects, and a vintage pot holder.

For any locals that are interested, both shops were along main street in Stouffville.


famousthecat said...

Even though it wasn't a crazy-awesome trip, I LOVE the doilies and especially the buttons!

Nikki said...

Aren't they so much fun? I'm already thinking of what to do with them.