Thursday, July 12, 2012

Weekly Favourites..

1. this fun floral Pyrex

2. this adorable little kitchen

3. this super cute, summery table cloth

4. this gorgeous, extremely rare Lucky in Love Pyrex pattern. One popped up on ebay recently and sold for almost $700! I'm not sure this one will ever make its way into my collection.

5. curious cuckoo clocks of all shapes and sizes!

6. more beautiful local gardens to explore.

7. I am yearning for Fall so badly right now. I know I need to enjoy the rest of the summer months, but I cannot help but crave that cool breeze and colourful trees!

8. Maybe if I had this wonderful tree house I would enjoy the summer that much more!

9. There is just something about pianos outside that makes me swoon. This one is quite sweet.

10. The incredible Pyrex Museum in Corning, NY. We've had plans to go visit for the past few years, but they have always fallen through. Maybe later this year?

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famousthecat said...

That treehouse... oh, that treehouse! Swoon.

Nikki said...

Isn't it dreamy? I want to camp out in it with you and Carrie!