Friday, July 27, 2012

Photobooths and a Shop Update

photo taken by Heather Armstrong of

Our wonderful photographer sent us the Crazy Booth photos from our wedding, and they are so much fun! We loved having a photobooth since it provided our guests some more entertainment, and it gave us a better chance at capturing more of our guests in pictures...doing funny things. If you want to see some of the results, I've made a post up on our wedding blog.

I've been having some not so fun side effects from our current IUI cycle (which sadly caused me to miss out on a local Pyrex meet-up), so I've been trying to take it pretty easy. Getting those pictures really helped cheer me up. I wanted to keep busy, so this morning I photographed several vintage finds and got a lot of them up in my shop.

That blue romper with the gingham details has to be my favourite of the lot. It's one that will probably stay with me, just in case. Aside from the romper, there were some really great finds. I was pleasantly surprised when I found two aprons made out of vintage sheets.

How neat is that? I even have the sheets that match the aprons.

Tonight I am heading back over to Jer's parents' house where Jer and I are house sitting while they're away in Nova Scotia. We are going to make burritos and take advantage of our last night of access to his dad's incredible record collection. I'm not going to lie, there will probably be some dancing around on my part!

Have you scored any great thrift finds lately? Tell me about them!

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