Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer & Sewing

The weather cooled down a bit over the end of last week, so Jer and I spent as much time outside as we could. We went to our local park to swing, and to the dog park with Lola, we played baseball, rode bikes, and went for walks, and it just brought our stress levels right down. I haven't been feeling great because of the fertility medication, so it was nice to get out and re-charge.

The heat picked right back up in time for my babysitting date with Emma and Lizzie. We spent a few hours running around outside and splashing in the mini pool while their mama and pops were at a party. Before they left, I got to spend a bit of time with Janet, which is always great. How gorgeous is this lady?

I need to make sure to capture more moments like these because it reminds me that summer really isn't so bad.

Not being able to resist those 1/2 metres of fabric for under $2.50, I grabbed my mom and went to another fabric store location. I picked up a few more prints (including some Alexander Henry and Urban Garden) and some stretch fabric. I've never sewn with knits before, so this should be a fun experiment!

One of the ladies working at the store showed us some great fabric, almost like a microfibre, that all the employees swear by for cleaning. You just wet it and it does better than any cleaners do on glass and smooth surfaces. It's normally $20 a metre, but since it was half off we bought enough to cut into six cloths. Our windows and mirrors have never been so clean! I absolutely hate window sprays (even natural ones), so this makes me so much happier about cleaning. I'll have to do updates on how the cloths hold up. Unfortunately, I forgot to include them in the photo.

And of course, an update on the Pyrex Cross-Stitch..

It's getting there!


Vintage Love and Photographs said...

Cute blog! And I can't wait for you to post the crosstitch pattern for the pyrex image...even though I uhh dont crosstitch lol

Nikki said...

Thank you! I should be finished with it in the next few weeks. It's the perfect time to learn, right? It's really not that hard :)