Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Year.

With this new year comes a new project. A few years ago I attempted Project 365, but gave up after only two months. I began the project to allow myself the opportunity to practice my photography. To experiment. At the end of two months I felt that I didn't have anything interesting to share and gave up. I now realize that wasn't in the spirit of the project. Part of what is so great is that it allows you to capture little bits of your day, regardless of how big or small. The photos don't have to be beautiful or perfect. As the year progresses you can go back and see what was important to you each day. That changes year to year. I do have many pictures from that same year, but it would be nice to have a day to day photo journal to look back on.

This year I am starting again! My close friend Janet is doing it too, so the plan is to keep each other motivated if we fall behind. I'm actually having a great time looking at all of her photos, and I look forward to them each day. If you decide to join in, please leave a link where I can follow you. I don't plan on sharing the photos here daily, but I might do a weekly post with all the photos from that week. For now, I am going to share my first two photos.

01/01/10 - Day 1 of 365

Jer serenading me on guitar.

01/02/10 - Day 2 of 365

Catching up on sewing projects (and I will be sharing some of those here soon).

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