Thursday, December 31, 2009

Antique Markets.

With the time off during the holidays, I have been able to take a couple trips to nearby Antique Markets. This is something I like to do with my mom since it gives us a chance to spend time together while seeing new and interesting things. I love shopping with her! She is like my goodluck charm as I always find things I had been hoping to come across when she's there.

We came across most of the antique markets by accident, we were actually only sure that two of them existed. This time everything was new (to us) and it was wonderful to be able to search through all the treasures. We decided to take home some of our very favourite things (which was helped by the 10% off after Christmas sale at one of the markets).

The markets themselves are interesting to see too. They're all so different. My favourites are the ones that go through room after room after room, where you can get lost in everything there is to look at.

I am so grateful to have been able to visit these places, find new treasures, and spend time with my mom. It was nice to have the time to do this. Next week it's back to work and school!

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