Sunday, December 20, 2009


The mad rush of last week is over. The end of the semester is always a busy time. Exams, two vet visits, a broken furnace, a sprained ankle, semi-last minute shopping, last minute sewing, and lots of running around, all in a period of a few days. At times like that it can be hard to remember to be grateful, but I am glad for the little reminders I received. Now I am grateful to have a little break. I have time to breathe. Things are quiet and sweet, and I am appreciating it all. I have finished setting up the holiday displays and am now taking it all in. It is calm and it is nice. I look forward to spending the coming week with family and friends, and sharing our traditions with each other. I hope to share some of them with you too.


Tuesday said...

merry christmas and happy holidays, miss!

i hope the vet visits were okay and the sprained ankle is getting better quickly =)

famousthecat said...

i've said it before, and i'll say it again - i love your photos. just love 'em.

loliecraft said...

Thank you! My ankle is much better now, and the vet visits were okay. I hope your holidays were good too!

Thank you C!