Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Touch of Green in a Sea of White.

Do you remember the Amaryllis plant I began growing at the end of December?

It has been especially comforting to watch this plant grow in these cold winter months. And grow it did! The longest stalk is over a meter(or a yard) tall now. The little pot can no longer take the weight of it, and I keep finding it toppled over on its side. I think I'm going to have to replant it!

The table is from my grandmother's home. It's the same table she kept her plants on. The taller plant is from her as well. My mom calls them mother in law tongues, but I'm not sure what the actual name for them is. The Christmas Cactus is from an ex girlfriend of my brother's, and the wooden statue is from our dear friends in Germany. It used to have its own corner, but we were worried Lola would chew on it if she could reach it.

The flowers are beginning to open now! It has been great fun to check on this plant each morning to see the changes.

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