Thursday, January 1, 2009


I've been documenting the growth of the Eggling I started in August, and I have really enjoyed seeing the changes, albeit slow changes, over time. This has been especially comforting in the winter months when there is little green outside. I received an Amaryllis plant kit from my cousin this Christmas. The kits were being sold to raise money for Charity, so for a good cause as well as being fun to put together. I've decided to document its growth too. I will try to update about it from time to time so you can see how it's doing.

The kit comes with a pot, a soil pellet, and the Amaryllis bulb. Water must be added to the soil pellet for it to 'grow', much like a charcoal snake.

All planted and ready.

Jumping ahead six days, it's already growing! Much faster than the eggling that took a month to sprout.

Since I am updating about growth, I will share a recent photo of the Eggling. Things are still going very slowly, but the cacti are getting a little more prickly.

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