Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Westie Get Together.

Last summer I attended the Toronto Westie Walk, put on by the Westie Rescue of Canada, for the first time. 148 Westies in one park, yes please! The event has grown so much and has done so well that they decided to add a winter event at an indoor dog park. Of course I had to take Lola.

This is just a small fraction of the Westies that were there. We got there a little early.

There were some honourary Westies too. This sweet bulldog was going around to say 'hello' to everyone and get some pets.

We got a quicky lesson in training and agility, and a question and answer session. Lola wasn't too impressed with the equipment at first, but she became a pro at the ramp by day's end. Lola also learned two new to bow and play dead.

This was our 'teacher' in our training session. He demonstrated everything for us, and what a wonderful dog he was! The most well behaved dog there, even when he had to put up with masses of little Westies. Of course Lola was much more interested in him than the other Westies. She has a thing for big dogs.

This event was great fun! It's too bad the next isn't until September.

I've already marked my calendar.


Vonlipi said...

That was a cool day! I'm sure Lola enjoyed it! :)

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