Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year, New Projects.

I had seen this project on the Purl Bee and knew I had to make one. I immediately knew the perfect spot for it, though it's not a Thanksgiving table, or a table at all. This project has popped on the blogs of fellow crafters, and that has just made me love it even more. Everyone has done something different with it and has made it their own.

I started with the mock-quilt fabric I purchased from Superbuzzy, and pulled my inspiration for the rest of the fabric from there- sweet little flowers, pinks, polka-dots, and gingham. The pink elephants..well, how could I not include the pink elephants?

It's still coming together, but it has been a lot of fun to play with. I refuse to admit the amount of time I spent rearranging the fabric squares. A lot of sewing still needs to be done, but I will post again about this one soon.

Along with some new sewing, this year has brought some mother/daughter knitting. This weekend my mom was inspired to pick up her needles after a 15 year hiatus!

I have greatly enjoyed her company, all the chatting and catching up, as we knit up our projects. It was very nice.

Today we paid a visit to a local knitting shop, Knit-o-matic, to stock up on supplies. I found the most wonderful yarn I'm going to use for my first socks. I'll have to take some photos tomorrow! I can see myself making several trips back to that shop in the near future. They have a wall full of wonderful yarns, a shelf full of beautiful knitting books, friendly and knowledgeable staff (including a little bird!), and lots of knitting groups and classes. Yes, I will definitely find myself back there soon!

Mom was quite the knitter, and hasn't lost her touch. She made quick work of this scarf and headband set knit from royal blue fuzzy eyelash yarn. She had found scarves similar to this at the craft fairs we visited in the fall, but never thick enough or in the colours she likes. Finally, she decided to make her own. I think that was a good decision!

In the time it took her to knit up her projects, I made this..

The beginnings of a hat. Her gauge was much larger, but I still say I'm a very slow knitter. I'm not allowing myself to start any more projects until this hat is finished. Hopefully that will get me through it quicker. That is my goal for this new projects until the previous are through!


Anonymous said...

on the unfinished projects: i hear ya!
i started a scarf, arm warmers, and a small blanket (that i took apart...) with crocheting(sp).
it takes me way too long to do that stuff, i wish i knew how to knitt!

loliecraft said...

I should make some armwarmers! Learning to knit actually isn't that hard. If you don't have anyone to teach you, there are tons of video on youtube that will show you how. You should learn, it's so much fun!