Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bazaar Days.

With November 1st comes the start of the Christmas Bazaar season. I am lucky to live in a city with so many Churches and Community Centres who put on these events. There are many great things to be found, both new and old. Tables upon tables of knitted sweaters and hats, beautiful handmade crafts, crafting supplies, and various previously owned items waiting for a new home.

This is just a small selection of my haul for the day. My best find - a bag full of old buttons, beads, thread spools, embroidery floss, needles, snaps, and various other sewing notions, for 25 cents. Can you believe it? There was even something called panty-hose sealer, which is that little match-book like thing you see there. Another great find was the stack of old sewing, knitting, and crochet patterns for a dollar.

A few doilies that would be perfect for tote bags, and some wooden embroidery hoops that feel much better on my hands than my current selection.

As we were leaving some ladies opened a big box full of linen tea towels with the old Simpsons and Eatons tags still on! They do not make them like this anymore.

Adorable coasters with wee wooden folk. These are just too cute for words! There is writing on the bottom that is very hard to make out. A little internet snooping has led me to believe these are made in Italy.

There is much more I haven't shared here, all for around $20. There are so many more Bazaars I want to hit this season, hopefully before the antique dealers get to them (there are some dishes I've been searching for that always seem to get snatched up right away). I cannot wait to start crafting with my new supplies!

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