Monday, November 3, 2008

Apple Wood.

Wood from Jer's apple tree. Sawed, scrubbed, and soaked, and ready to go.

First it's boiled to remove any lingering bacteria.

Then it's baked in the oven to dry. Careful not to burn.

Last it's drilled and stored, and made into toys for two little chinchillas. The coloured wood chews were bought in bulk on ebay.

A few hours work is definitely preferable to paying $3.99 for five little apple sticks at the pet supply store. I used to buy much of my chinchilla supplies from Ontario Chinchillas . Their selection was wonderful, I had no worries about chinchilla-safe products, and I like to support local businesses where I can. Unfortunately, their store has disbanded. This was the first time I've prepared wood for my chinchillas, but I'm planning to make it a yearly event. Hopefully this supply will last the year!

The tree it all came from (an older picture, of course).

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