Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mother's Day Wish List

I'm supposed to want a hand print made by my sweet baby bird, and if I'm lucky, a few extra hours of sleep, right? To be honest, I would love those things, but the consumerist in me has an amazon wishlist a mile long. Here are nine of my favourites for Mother's Day..

1. bkr silicone & glass momoheart water bottle in sheer white - I drink a lot of water. I like a cute bottle to put it in.
2. fresh tangerine heart ring - or any of their stacking rings... or pretty much anything fresh tangerine. I am loving their jewellery right now.
3. hello apparel I'm so tired mug - it's true.
4. free people drippy jersey dress - I could never justify spending this much on a jersey dress, but it is cute and looks crazy comfy. I'm embracing the comfort this spring/summer.
5. tula love noir woven wrap - what I really want is the structured carrier made from this wrap, but fat chance that will ever happen. Tula's are the new Bamboletta Dolls/Goodmama diapers of the mama world. Some of them sell for over $1000 on ebay. They are gorgeous, but I can't wrap my head around it. We've been wrapping with a girasol lately and have been loving it, and apparently I have a thing for hearts this year.
6. anne of green gables - my very favourite book forever and always, and how beautiful is this copy?
7. addi clicks - interchangeable needles would be amazing.
8. nike rosherun in floral - I missed the boat with these, but this mama needs new runners and how amazing are these? E-bay?
9.  cloverberry vintage pyrex - ok, now we're just getting silly.

On second thought, I will take those extra few hours of sleep. Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing mamas, mamas to be, mamas who have loved and lost, and those longing to be mamas! This has always been a bittersweet day for me, but this year it's a little more sweet.