Monday, September 1, 2014

A New Room

There's a room in our home that has been many things over the years - a guest room, a playroom, a den, a bedroom, a home office, and most recently, a catch-all for all the things you accumulate when you try to squish two families into one place. It was such a wasted space, and I finally had to do something about it. There was a huge purge of things and furniture that had nowhere else to go, and then the fun started!

It was dark and kind of awful. The above photo was taken once the furniture was removed. A fresh coat of paint, some wall paper, ripped up carpets, and re-finished floors made a huge difference. It is so much brighter, which is wonderful for this north facing room.

There are still some things to be done, like taking apart and putting back together the shelving unit I made a few mistakes on yesterday! There is a wee little desk that is waiting to be picked up, a chair that needs moving in, and I have no ideas on the rug/window treatments yet. 

This sideboard/hutch was an unexpected addition (see what I mean about being a catch-all?). I picked it up at a thrift shop on Friday and it fit perfectly in the space between the windows & chinchilla cage. It adds a lot more storage, especially hidden storage, than the shelf I had over here previously (also a thrift shop find).

I cannot wait to show the finished version of this room. Well, if rooms are ever really finished.

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