Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The August Garden

When the raspberries slow, and the black eyed susans bloom, I know Summer is winding down. It has been a cooler one this year (which I am so grateful for because I do not enjoy the heat), so the tomatoes weren't as bountiful and the cucumbers didn't last long, but we had some lovely harvests and some new to us produce. Zucchinis actually grew this year! We had several and they are still coming. Our very first garden cauliflower was delicious, and another is growing as I type. There are several bags of raspberries in the freezer, hundreds of peas were shelled, and we are still picking green beans by the bowlful. The lettuce had died down, but is back again with the cooler weather, and although my green peppers never grew, the radishes and carrots did. Just yesterday I planted more radishes and beets (the first batch didn't grow), hoping they will have time before the first frost. I am also trying to re-grow a bunch of celery from a stump. Pinterest tells me it will work!

We're not sure where we will be next Spring, but I've been keeping notes (things like starting the tomato seeds earlier and in larger pots, which plants prefer the cooler weather and can be started earlier, which are not worth growing because they are so cheap to buy - carrots, I'm looking at you - and what varieties I'd like to try instead - I was not too impressed with the climbing green beans I chose) and making plans (if we're here next year, I want to turn the green bean patch into a play space for Josh with tree stumps and a trellis for the beans over head. Also, expanding the tomato space to include more plants). Next up for the garden - getting ready to put the beds to sleep once they're finished, and planting those Spring bulbs.


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