Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Simple Sensory Toy

The bird has been very much into his hands lately. He's always reaching, grabbing, and trying to fit all ten fingers into his mouth at the same time. To help his exploration and fine motor skills I decided to sew up a simple toy for him - a taggie blanket.

This was another project done with materials I had on hand. I pulled out every bit of ribbon and trim I had, wanting to include a variety of textures for his little hands to explore, and scraps work perfectly in this case. Once I was happy with my selection, I folded different lengths in half, sandwiched them between two pieces of fabric (a cotton print, and some cotton velour for the backing.. I also added a layer of interfacing to make it a bit more sturdy), sewed, turned, and top stitched. I sewed back and forth over each ribbon to add some extra stability. Even doing this, I wouldn't use this without supervision as tiny fingers can become trapped in the loops and may need some help getting back out.

The fabric I used is Windy Day in Aqua from Michael Miller's Backyard Baby collection. The ribbons and trims were all from my stash - some vintage and some new.

It's so exciting to see him learn and explore in these early days, and he's perfectly happy to work his taggie along side me while I do whatever I need to get done. A project well worth it forsure.

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