Friday, October 25, 2013

A Pebble for Josh

I hadn't thought I'd get many knitting projects finished before the bird arrived. I even sourced out some knitting to my wonderful friend to make sure I'd have at least a couple pairs of longies and some booties, and I took up my mom on her offers to knit too. It turns out that knitting for babies is quick and easy, and a lot of fun. Between us three, a big pile of knits grew. After Josh was born, the pile continued to grow as I found myself wanting to craft and knit whenever I had the chance. Mama time to unwind, you know.

This little vest is the latest off the needles. It is the Pebble vest by The Thrifty Knitter. I really loved this free pattern. It was so simple to follow and it knit up so quick. I cast on a few days ago and sewed the buttons on this morning. The yarn is Luna Grey Fiber Arts Cosmic in the mushroom colourway. This is my favourite yarn by far. It's the same yarn I used for the hat in this post. What I really like about this vest is that it will keep his core warm without adding bulk around his arms. He is just starting to reach and grab things and sweaters can sometimes make things more difficult.

Along with being fun and relaxing to make, there is something so satisfying about seeing something you made being worn and used. It motivates me to want to make more!

These longies also came off my needles recently..

And that Gift Wrap Romper I made is almost outgrown.

Yes, we are loving the hand knits over here lately!