Friday, August 3, 2012

Weekly Favourites..

1. quirky vintage plaid kitchen chairs.

2. a new adventure in crewel work

3. finding out about Pyrex I didn't know existed! Round pink daisy casserole? Oh, yes!

4. I think I'm on a Pyrex kick this week.

5. Chickens!! One day I will have some of these lovely girls roaming around.

6. Farmer's Markets. This week I picked up the most delicious tomatoes, and banana strawberry flavoured jam. Who knew that such a thing as banana jam existed?

7. French Bulldogs! I had always thought we would get a large dog (a chocolate lab or some sort of mix) when/if we ever got another, but lately I have been loving on these adorable little dudes. I think Lola would love a brother, the husband not so much.

8. frilly vintage baby dresses. They are just too sweet.

9. Narwhal fabric! NARWHAL fabric! Need I say more?

10. Homemade smoothie pops on a hot day. Delish!

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