Sunday, August 5, 2012

I Love the Rain..

It's pouring outside, and while that means we've been cooped up for most of the day, there is something wonderful and refreshing about those droplets. My garden certainly appreciates it - the water and the way the rain gives us a little break from those high temperatures. We haven't had much rain this year, so I do get a little excited when I hear that familiar pitter patter.

The cucumber plant I started as a seedling back in March has not survived this summer. This one I started as a seed in the ground and while it hadn't grown much at all through July, it is coming to life now.

For the first time in three years there is a zucchini growing in my garden. It's only one and it is tiny, but it is there!

The strawberries are starting up again after taking a break through July.

These little guys are back out too.

Of course, after writing this post about rain the sun has decided to break through, but not before I used our time inside to try out a new recipe.

I only got one cucumber from the garden this year, so at the Wednesday Farmer's Market I picked up a basket of Ontario Cukes. They have been wonderful in salads, but I used a few to try to make pickles on my own. I have been on a big pickle kick lately (maybe due to some of those synthetic know what they say about pregnant ladies and pickles) I used a very basic recipe and will play around with spices in future batches based on the results. I know Jer loves garlic pickles, so that will be one I have to try next time.

They need to sit in the fridge overnight, but I cannot wait to try them tomorrow!