Monday, July 16, 2012

Where are the Eggs?

Is what I kept getting asked as I was carrying this basket around Aberfoyle..

It won't actually hold eggs, but I love old wire baskets for storage. This one was pink too, so I basically had no choice.

The rest of the finds were great, but my very favourite find of the day was a set of antique pins. My grandmother had an almost identical set, but on a necklace. It was given to me before she passed away, but since then the loops holding the flowers to the chain have disintigrated and there's not a way to fix them. I've been too worried to try any projects using them, so I have them sitting on my dresser to look at. These will remind me of her when I'm wearing them.

After a nice day yesterday, Jer and I got some not so good news - we are in for another round of IUI using injectibles. To make things a little more uncomfy, the clinic we normally use is closed for two weeks so I will be travelling to the clinic an hour away each morning. It could be worse, right? In an attempt to cheer myself up a little, I picked up my mom and we visited our local thrift store. The only Pyrex was a turquoise 401 in awful condition, but we both came away with a few good finds.

Something I've been playing around with lately is popsicle flavours. I picked up a cheap $2 mold last time I was at the grocery store, although I hope to get a set of these in the near future. Playing around with flavour combinations has been so much fun!

The first lot were red/white/blue "rocket" pops. I had seen them all over blogs and pinterest and had to give them a try. It's just a layer of strawberries, yogurt, and blueberries. They were good, but I felt like the fruit really needed to be mixed in with the yogurt.

The next batch was berry/banana - strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries blended with yogurt. They were good, but the final batch was by far my favourite..

Strawberry/banana with just a tiny bit of yogurt. Do you have any favourite popsicle recipes to share? I can't wait to try out more!


Janet Sterling said...

I like citrus/peach anything frozen. so refreshing

Nikki said...

Oooh, good idea! I should try making some grapefruit ones.

famousthecat said...

My sister-in-law made these when we were out in Colorado - strawberry basil. They were AMAZING. Seriously.