Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stash Building

I was inspired by Jeni's Art of Choosing series to go through my fabric stash. What I learned is that I tend to gravitate towards pinks and novelty prints. I generally buy fabric for specific projects rather than stashing it away, unless I really fall in love with a print. This means I don't have much fabric sitting around, but it also means I'm rarely able piece together projects with only what I have in my stash. It just doesn't work. A new goal of mine is to build a well rounded stash to make projects easier. This is most of what I'm starting with..

Through Jeni's blog I also found out about the Stash Stack Club. It's the perfect thing for someone like me who has trouble picking out coordinating, stash building fabrics (especially online). Of course this month's colour is Pink, but of course I don't mind a little more pink. I love that there are options for full and half stacks (12 or 6 prints) and three size options. That means there are options in more price ranges. I cannot wait to receive my first six!

Speaking of fabric, this came in the mail today..

Maybe a summer shirt? It'd be darling as a little dress. First I need to finish this little project up..

Jer and I started our next round of fertility treatments today. It was a rough morning at the clinic, so we decided to have an ice cream date as a way to unwind.

This face helps with the de-stressing too..


Pretty. Special. said...

i love the pear and apple fabric - that's what my kitchen curtains are made from.

you have the best taste, wifey!

Janet Sterling said...

lola is such a muppet

Nikki said...

Carrie - No, you do wifey! I love your curtains. I saw them in the picture you showed me with your amazing kitchen table. So good.

Janet - she totally is, but a little less since she got her hair cut.