Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Vintage Postcard Album

I wanted to get this post up yesterday, but what I thought would be a quick test had me in the hospital for six hours (all is well, don't worry) and then in bed with a stomach ache the rest of the day. I guess that hospital cafeteria food was not the best idea. Let's not do that again! Anyway, here we go with a fun craft project..
I LOVE trip albums. Jer and I used to do a lot of road trips and one year for our anniversary I had all our favourite photos from our trips made into a photobook. We still look at it all the time. The site I used to make that album closed down, so instead of finding another, I thought it the perfect opportunity to make something more personal, and what better trip than our Honeymoon?
These vintage postcards come from my mom's collection. She has been collecting for years, and at one point had friends and family collecting for her. When my paternal grandmother went on a cleaning spree, she gifted my mom a beautiful stack of her own cards, some that were even sent to her own mother (my great grandmother). It's so much fun to go through them all!

The day after seeing the project, Jer and I were walking down Ocean Boulevard and had stopped in a cute little shop. While browsing around I saw a stack of old Florida postcards, listed for $5 - $10 a piece! Ouch. I knew my mom wouldn't mind if I borrowed from her collection instead, in fact she was happy they were going to be put to use.
I pulled out all the cards from Florida, and there were even cards from places we had visited on our trip.

Putting the book together was really easy. I decided to keep things small and used one card per page instead of two. I used fabric tape from my stash to stick the pages together.
The pages with writing on them are my favourite. The bottom one was sent to my mom by her friends in the 70s.

This card was sent to my great grandmother from her sister in-law.

I had to include this pelican one because we saw so many pelicans on our trip.
Now to fill it up with photos and memories of our own!

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