Friday, June 15, 2012

Weekly Favourites

1. my new husband(!!!)

2. fresh strawberries from the garden

3. these gorgeous robin's egg blue catherineholm canisters

4. vintage Pyrex passed down from family members

5. this 30 day vegan has been a wonderful experience so far, especially through such a busy time

6. this vintage Pyrex pattern I have never seen before

7. sweet Bamboletta dolls - how I wish I could fill the dramatic play centre in my classroom with these beauties

8. this swing - can you even imagine?

9. this amazing dresser, not to mention those gorgeous painted floors

10. being outside, surrounded by trees, even if the bugs are getting pretty bad this time of year.

Sources: 1. our custom cake topper from the small object; 2. me; 3. ebay; 4. my dad's cousin; 5. beauty that moves; 6. pyrexpickerchick on flickr; 7. Bamboletta; 8. shanon eileen blog; 9. norskeinteriorblogger; 10. Pinterest Women

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