Friday, June 15, 2012

A Garden Update

I wanted to do a little garden update before leaving for our honeymoon tomorrow. One of the fun things about going away during garden season is coming back to a completely changed space. Even a week makes a huge difference! Here's what's going on right now..
We've had a lot of rain over the past couple weeks so the veggie/strawberry patch has been growing like crazy. You can see the soil here isn't the greatest. Our area has clay soil, so even though we add a bag or two of fresh soil and a bag of fertilizer nearly every year, it always ends up looking pretty dry.

No pods yet, but the peas are growing like crazy. Setting up these little climbers seems to have made a huge difference - usually our peas don' do so well. Also, as you can see there are some weeds I need to pull tonight.

Most of the peas/beans were planted as seeds straight into the ground, but here's one of the seeds I started inside in the early Spring. Look at it grow!

This cherry tomato was also one of the seedlings.
Another tomato plant grown from seed.
Ground strawberries and hanging strawberries are turning red..

Currants are almost ready, which means my neighbour will soon be in the kitchen baking cakes.

There are so many delphiniums this year.

Our little robin is still in the nest. I wonder if it will be here when I get back.

Are you growing a garden this year?


famousthecat said...

First off - HONEYMOON!!! SQUEE!!!! Secondly, I am so jealous of your strawberries and currants. We planted strawberries for the first time this year, and they are still a whole lot of leaf, not a lot of berry.

My latest garden excitement: more beets and swiss chard. I planted a BUNCH of seeds last weekend, and they are starting to sprout! Next up: turnips, winter squash, and cabbage (none of which I have ever grown before!).

Nikki said...

WAHOO! I cannot wait to see your garden progress. I was so excited to see your beets. The strawberries in our ground have been there forever and they came out early this year because of the crazy weather. I'm sad that I will miss a chunk of the strawberry season this year, but yes, HONEYMOON!!!
I hope your strawbs come out soon!