Friday, April 20, 2012

Adventures in Shoe Dyeing

A while ago I ordered what were supposed to be adorable pink shoes to wear on my wedding day. About a week later, these arrived in my mailbox..

More orangey-peach and not at all the sweet pink colour advertised. After several rather frustrating exchanges with the company I ordered them from I decided to try dyeing them. I had nothing to lose, except $7 plus a few bucks shipping.

The dye is meant for leather, fake-leather, and canvas, but after e-mailing the company, I was assured it should work on vinyl too. It didn't. Well, it painted the shoes, but it easyily comes off. I'm hoping it'll last a few hours if I try really hard not to rub them on anything.

After 2 coats and spilling 3/4 of the bottle. Oops.

Not exactly the colour I was hoping for - they were supposed to be ballet slipper pink - but much better than before!

After 5 coats. You can see where I rubbed off a bunch of the paint on the left. I still have to fix that, but I guess they were a kind of success? It was an interesting experiment anyway.