Saturday, December 17, 2011

Handmade Holidays

I think it's probably pretty obvious by now, but let's let that cat out of the bag, shall we? I love Christmas. LOVE. I have so many wonderful memories centered around this time of year, most of spending special time with loved ones. The actual holiday itself I could give or take, I do have fun making and choosing gifts for others, but I could easily let that part go, it's the build up full of special events, memories, and days that I love.

Another thing I love? All of the adorable Christmas crafts floating around. Have you seen Hillary's yearly Christmas crafts? The woman is a genius! I have been stockpiling links to tutorials and patterns for years, but rarely ever have time to make them. This year has been different. I have been a crafting machine! I blame this on waiting to get the results of our IUI on Monday. I need distractions, and I need to keep my hands busy.

The adorable Santa and Snowman up there are courtesy of The Small Object. I haven't found any little sleds for them to ride around in, but I think they are so sweet just as they are, if not a little wobbly. They are inspired by the gorgeous vintage hand-spun cotton ornaments. These are done with cotton balls, glue, hairspray, and a lot of patience and handwashing to keep the glue off while smoothing and shaping over and over again. I completed these over several days while each layer of cotton dried. I was also missing a fuzzy white pipeclear for Santa's beard, so I improvised with some felt...and he also has polka dots because I didn't have enough plain red fabric. Whatever, I'm sure he doesn't mind.

This was another that had been on the list for a while. It's a miniature Elsa/Elise elf from Hillary's pattern. I made the full sized version a couple years ago, but had to make one for my tree. You just shrink the pattern to your desired size and get sewing. My only qualm with this pattern is that no matter how precise I cut out the head, it always ends up looking a little square and light-bulby instead of the beautiful and round like in the pattern pictures. I wonder what I'm doing wrong.

Three more days of distractions needed. Maybe I'll finally finish those mittens I started knitting two years ago. 

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