Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Different Sort of Tree

We would love to have our own woods one day, but for now we have one lonely apple tree. We (Jer and I), came up with an idea for a project that would involve a piece of a fallen tree. We asked friends and family and inquired in our community, and were invited out to a beautiful piece of land where a lovely couple were clearing fallen trees and would be happy to have us haul away a piece of one of them. With warm boots, winter woolens, and a saw, we headed out there to choose the perfect piece.

We were greeted by Mika the dog, who ran about and happily invited us to play. L took us on a tour of her property, proudly showing us all the work they had done and all the wood we could choose from, and introduced us to her husband who was already out back, chopping wood for the fireplace.

We picked out two good sized Spruce logs that were nice and dried out, perfect for what we want them for. L also welcomed us to collect any pieces of birch bark that had fallen off the trees. I left with a nice handful. I'm not quite sure what I will do with it yet.

One day I hope to own a property with beautiful woods like these, but for now I am grateful to those who are willing to share a little bit of theirs with us.

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