Thursday, October 20, 2011

At the Orchard and in the Kitchen

Jer and I took to the apple orchard on Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. I had been hoping for some beautiful fall weather - cool breezy wind, that fall know the one I mean, cosy sweaters, wool socks, light scarves, and slouchy hats, finished off with a mug of hot apple cider to warm up our hands. Instead, we got 30 degrees(celcius) and sweaty gross. Summer in October, oh yes. Still, the sights were beautiful and a good time was had.

It sure looked like fall, even if it didn't feel it.

Since then we have been enjoying apple goodies - sauce, pies, crisps, and of course just straight up apples. Some into our bellies and some into the freezer for later.

My first homemade pie was not very pretty, but it was given positive reviews by our Thanksgiving guests.

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