Sunday, September 18, 2011

Butterprint and Produce

Butterprint is probably one of the most popular Pyrex patterns, and for good reason. It is definitely high on my list of favourites, and this past week I was lucky enough to add some orange butterprint to my collection.

I love the way the three colourways look stacked up together.

While I was outside photographing Pyrex, I picked what was probably the last of the fresh garden produce for the year.

There's a tomato plant that went crazy, full of green tomatoes, but with the frost coming on shortly, I'm not sure any more will turn red.


Anonymous said...

i love butterprint! ive got the turquoise.. i always buy them thrifted when the price is right. x

lolie jane said...

That's how I got most of mine, but the oranges I splurged and got them on ebay!

lolie jane said...

I just checked out your blog, and OH MY! It is just wonderful. Your crafty projects are beautiful. I'm going to follow your blog if you don't mind.