Monday, August 8, 2011

I did say I was a slow knitter..

The Tea Leaves? still not finished, but I am oh, so close. I think part of the problem is having a warm sweater sprawled over my lap on these hot summer days. It just does not work.

I started on the sleeves last week. I had a chance to work on them as I stayed up all night with a special little guest. I think they look a bit wonky so far. The stitches insist on being smaller no matter how loosely I knit them. I think it may just be those extra underarm stitches, but I guess we'll see when this sleeve gets a little longer!

Our little guest, dear sweet Oliver. He found himself in a terrible situation, but is just fine now. After a long night of feeding and cuddling, he moved to a foster home with teeny kitten experience a litter of kittens for him to play with.

I was hoping to have this sweater finished before September. Think I can make it?

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